Our styling team draws upon their experiences and backgrounds to create stunning images, head to toe. We identify your natural beauty and builds upon it, dreaming up the bold and seeing through its completion. The results are looks so phenomenal, so daring yet authentic, that our clients spellbind not only their crowd, but themselves.

by Aparna Chandra, Gautam Kalra


We are painters with paintbrushes; let our vision of allure, charm, and grandeur come to life. Let your eyes, cheeks, and lips express themselves in words both striking and beautiful, let your eyebrows make a statement, and let your hair wave and shimmer. Our hair and makeup team crafts timeless looks, dazzling the world.

by Deepa Verma

Food Stylist

We entice with food’s extraordinary contrasts of lime and saffron, cream and chocolate, currant and peppercorn; lure with its organic, dimensional beauty. Through rich displays and pairings, our food stylists present food as both delicious and glamorous—our food styling makes mouths water.

by Indranie Dasgupta