We are fashion’s image-makers: as trends come and go, our team of fashion photographers envisages and innovates the creative. Our team of fashion photographers have vision: a graceful and iconic exchange between our clothes and ourselves. We allow the fashion to speak for itself.

by Bikramjit Bose, Karan Kumar Sachdev


Our detail-oriented team of food photographers know exactly how to make heads turn and mouths water. We shoot food with a painter’s touch, pairing the dishes and cocktails we love with expertise and finesse. Through our interplay of lighting, angle, and sensitivity, we transform culinary masterpieces into artistic ones.

by Dinesh Khanna, Pradeep Dasgupta


On the streets of our cities, we lay bare every visage, every creation, and beauties both miniscule and sweeping. Streets show us the multiplicity of stories—each man, woman, and child leaving their mark on the world. We freeze time. Storytellers, we know how to portray the chaos of urban life, recording the everyday, the meat of life.

by Dinesh Khanna


We can trace our history through the faces of those we love. In each mouth, eyebrow, wrinkle, slight smile, and nose, portraits express the timelessness of grace, love, and style. Our photographers Our portraitists preserve the individual, the family, a community, and a nation in a single photo, capturing humanity at an instant, for eternity.

by Dinesh Khanna, Bikramjit Bose


Our healthcare photographs express the joys of recovery, the tender relationship between patients and families, and the dedication of doctors and nurses. Though simple, our photos are reassurances, a comfort to patients and non-patients, creating familiarity contrasting the sometimes-scary idea of going to the doctor’s. Let us comfort and warm you.

by Han Lans

Still Life