Delhi-based food stylist Indranie Dasgupta prides herself on the art of transformation — ordinary foods become tantalizing masterpieces under her skilled direction.  Her work calls out to us on a visceral level, a reflection of her enthusiasm for food. For Indranie, the design is in the details, the careful composition of each glass, each slice, each ice cream scoop. Indranie’s meticulous style takes simple food items and turns them into our cravings. Indranie’s career began when she accompanied photographer husband Pradeep Dasgupta on a calendar shoot for the Tea Board of India, and continued developing as the market for food stylists grew. Clients and photographers were discovering the importance of even the smallest details, and Indranie’s deliberate eye quickly became a must-have in the industry. Today, her masterful work can be seen in ads, cookbooks, calendars, and television commercials. Throughout Indranie’s 20 years of food styling, we’ve salivated over her work with culinary giants like Coke, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Daawat Rice, Nestle, and many more. She also lends her talents as a stylist for recipe books released by several prominent publishers. Ultimately, Indranie’s styling proves that art can be appetizing.