Twenty-six years of artistic expression, immersive travel, and tireless effort have formed Dinesh Khanna, professional photographer and creative master. From tantalizing food to stylish interior, colorful still-life to magnetic people, Dinesh’s subjects leap from their frames with energy and determination. Dinesh’s photographs can be found on the pages of editorials, advertisements, exhibitions, and his four photography books, Bazaar, Living Faith, Right of the Line — The President's Bodyguard, and Life in Rashtrapati Bhawan, reflect the decades spent traveling through traditional markets, religious centers, and India’s highest echelons of government. Dinesh finds creative outlet through commercial and corporate projects, as well as meaningful personal projects, including Benaras - Everyday in Eternity and Earning Dignity - from Art, Craft, and Trade. His work is featured globally, from advertorials in international magazines to columns in publications like Mothers & Daughters, Doubletake, Urban Trivia Monthly. Dinesh uses his art as a means of understanding the world, and in turn shapes our own understanding. He also seeks to inspire further generations of photographers with the Nazar Foundation, a non-profit trust promoting the photographic arts through exhibition, publishing, and workshopping, of which he is the co-founder and managing trustee. He continues to use his extensive experience to shepherd young artists in his direction of the Biennale Delhi Photo Festival and APEX (Academy for Photographic Excellence). Through his lively photographs and commitment to sharing his craft, Dinesh deftly leads us through the journey of his unique perspective on our world.