Elements Today is your essential resource for creative production. We represent India’s most renowned and experienced artists, from photographers and stylists to hair, makeup, and graphic artists.

Elements Today is the product of a partnership between longtime friends Harsha & Achal Sinha and Raju & Sangini Dave and New York-based technology company Avanara. In only 4 months, we successfully raised Elements Today from the ground up, having already partnered with over 10 of India’s most distinguished artists and collaborators.

It is our commitment to relationships and professionalism that set us apart. Our artists are among the best in their fields, with stunning portfolios and decades of experience working with clients and companies. We ensure not only that the project is right for the artist, but that the artist is right for the project. We manage production operations, acquire exceptional clients, and build dedicated teams so that our artists can do what they do best: innovate.

We look forward to collaborating with you.